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Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Vehicle DAY-3021

Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Vehicle DAY-3021
DAY-3021 Asphalt pavement maintenance machine is researched and developed for satisfy the road maintenance requirement. It is mainly applied to accomplish the pavement pothole repairing work on highway. 
It is composed of truck chassis, hydraulic system, HMA bin, burning system, asphalt spraying system, control system and vibratory roller etc. 
The machine can realize the heat preservation for HMA during transportation, furthermore, can heat up the cold HMA material to temperature 140~160 ℃ and meantime keep heat preservation, which meet the technical request for HMA under various long distance construction, The machine is equipped with asphalt heating and spraying device, heating device is independently controlled, which can be separately heated anytime according to construction requirement. HMA bin introduced the mixing and heating method, which can heat uniformly and completely. The machine can also be used to spray either the asphalt emulsion or hot asphalt on the bottom of the pothole to improve the bonding strength, vibratory roller for further sufficient compaction on patched pavement. 


Technical Parameters

Name Asphalt pavement maintenance vehicle(Stirring) Model DAY-3021
Brand DOAN Original direction model N2
Company name Shanghai Doan Machinery Vehicle type
Introduction of sample vehicle Asphalt pavement maintenance vehicle(Stirring)DAY-3021 adapt for HFC1081chassiswhich has been announcement for special vehicle
  Size parameter Dimension (LxWxL)mm 6980×2120×3090 chassis model HFC1081KT
Over vehicle manufacture Anhui JAC automobile Co., LTD
  Tank size(oval)    Axle NO. 2
  WxHxL(mm) Tire specification 7.50-16. Air pressure  
    Tire NO. 6
  Tank capacity(m³)        model φ330
  Wheel base(mm) 3815 clutch Type single, dry type, diaphragm clutch
  Wheel tread(front/rear)(mm) 1665/1525   manufacture With engine
  Front/rear suspension 1085/2060 Gear box model LC5T35
  Approach/Departure angle(°) 24°/20° Type five-gear、All the synchronizer type、LXI MT
    Vehicle Kerb Mass(kg) 5800 manufacture JAC automobile luan branch
  Quality Parameter Rate mass(kg) 2495 Control way Remote control by soft thread
    Quality utilization coefficient / Forward gears NO. 5
    Ratio 4.936;2.561;1.518;1.00;0.783
  performance Max. Speed(km/h) 95   model 3401000E22CH
  Diverter Type Circulation ball type
Engine Type and category Inline-four cylinder pressurization   Manufacture China aviation industry machinery factory of the north
Model CY4102-C3D   Steering Type    
  Steering  wheel
Manufacture Dongfeng chaoyang diesel engine Co., LTD Front  axle Model 3000000G5QZ
displacement (ml) 3856 Type Forging steel pieces, I-shape section
Type of fuel Diesel Manufacture Hefei axle CO.,LTD
  80/2800   Model 2400010G5QZ
Rated power/rotation(kW/r/min) Rear axle Type Single grade decelerator, hyperbolic gear
Max.  Torque(N.m/r/min) 300/1400~1800   Manufacture Hefei axle CO., LTD
  Main reduction ratio 5.571
the emissions standard GB17691-2005(EuroⅢ)   Driving brake system type Double circuit air brake
brake  system Driving brake assistance type /
Body of vehicle Model 50E800   Brake type Spring to snuff out brake
  Type Cab over engine Suspension Front Type Vertical spring leaf
Manufacture Anhui JAC automobile Co., LTD Spring leaf NO. 9
Seat NO.(including the driver) 3 Rear Model Vertical spring leaf
Cab passenger 3 Spring leaf NO. 12


S.NO. Measure item Measuring result
1 overall sizes(mm) long 6980
width 2115
high(in ballast) 3095
2 wheel base(mm) 3815
3 Wheel tread(mm) front wheel 1665
Rear wheel 1525
4 overhang(mm) front overhang 1085
rear overhang 2080
5 Through  performance minimum ground clearance(mm) 285
minimum turning diameter(m) 15.8
approach angle(°) 23
departure angle(°) 19
6 quality parameters(kg) curb weight equipment 5810
Front axle 2090
Rear axle 3720
full load gross 8485
Front axle 2970
Rear axle 5515

Performance Feature

Performance Feature 
1.It is made on the basis of famous domestic chassis manufacturer. 
2.The loading of the stone material shall be automatically promoted and fed. The mixing barrel adopts the imported burner to ensure the efficiency and stability of the machine working.. 
3.The asphalt box has the function of heat preservation, and the asphalt is equipped with the spray rod, and the asphalt can be sprayed evenly. 
4.There is a large enough space in front of the car to allow the car to be placed on a flat plate, cutter, and electric pick. 
5.It has a generator that can be used as a mobile power station. 

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