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Modified Emulsion Plant DAR- 6

Modified Emulsion Plant DAR- 6
It is specially designed based on our years of experience of bitumen emulsion production and various demands from clients. It is simple in structure and easy to operate, and it can be used in all kinds of production of bitumen emulsion. 
The plant is consisted of soap water tanks, a bitumen unit, soap water unit, colloid mill, cooling unit, control cabin, filter, valves and pipelines, which has full configuration with compact structure.

Working Principle 

Bitumen emulsion working principle: pump hot bitumen and soap water into high speed rotating colloid mill, and bitumen will be covered by emulsifier after hundreds of thousands times of shearing.
Colloid mill working principle: there are stators and rotors inside the mill, and the rotors are rotating at a very high speed driven by motor. When the bitumen and soap water are pumping into the colloid mill, they will be sheared for hundreds of thousands times. The mixture is sheared, pushed centrifugally, rubbed, hit and torn, fulfilling the dispersion, shearing and emulsion. The particle distribution becomes narrower and it will be easier to be stored and applied.

Technical Parameters


Item Name


Standard Value



Production Capacity





Asphalt Content In Finished Products




Emulsion Fineness


﹤5 about above 85%



Total Capacity Of Electric Equipment





Total Mass





Overall Size




Performance Feature

Based on the working principle of the plant, we divide it into several units:
Soap water mixing unit
Bitumen unit
Colloid mill unit
Cooling unit
Control unit
Pipes and valves
Soap Water Mixing Unit
Soap water mixing unit as its name suggests, mixes and transfers the soap water. Mixing system includes water dosing module, emulsifier dosing module and soap water mixing tank. Transferring system includes pump, flow meter and adjust valve. 
We use flow meter in soap water measurement, and the flow meter we use is from top manufactures all over the world, ensuring accurate measurement and formulation. Control of water temperature is fulfilled by control of the conduction oil heating in mixing tank, and the temperature is reflected by the bimetal thermometer in tank.
The soap water transferring module includes filter, soap water pump and one-way valve.
Bitumen Unit
Bitumen unit includes bitumen pump, flow meter and electrical valve.
Bitumen unit includes bitumen mixing module, bitumen transferring module. 
Heating oil is applied for circular pipeline.
Rotate speed id controlled by PLC through converter.
Colloid Mill
ENH-BEM20 type mill adopts multilevel rotor-stator shearing tool, which has high shearing. 
High motor power with 45kw and 2940rpm. 
5+6 levels of shearing tooth, ensuring the bitumen has excellent particle range.
Oil heating, adjustable gap between rotor and stator. Cooling Unit
Plate heat exchanger. 
The area of cooling is 10㎡. 
Control Unit
Manual/auto controlling type, controlled by PLC touching screen.
Controlled the bitumen flow and soap flow by online detector, ensuring the finished material have requested amount of water and oil.
Pipes and valves
High quality National standard valve and pipes material, arranged according to the fields.
Conduction oil pipes are all National standard seamless steel pipes with manual gate valve. 
Bitumen pipes and valves are National standard seamless steel pipes with ball valve with conductional oil heating jacket.


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